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  • Hours of Operation

    Winter Hours
    7:00am - 3:00pm M-F

  • Primary Product Offerings
    Some of our major products are coarse
    and fine aggregates for Hot Mix Asphalt
    typically used for surface course of roads
    and parking lots.

    Local farmers have relied on Central
    Limestone Company's hi-test agricultural
    limestone called Ag Lime for generations.
  • Central Limestone Co.
    Central Limestone is also a certified
    Rip Rap producer for both the Army Corps
    of Engineers and IDOT. Rip Rap is used for
    erosion control along ditches, streams,
    rivers and lakes.

    Central produces all 7 different sizes of
    IDOT Class A Rip Rap.
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Welcome to Central Limestone Quarry

Central Limestone Company, Inc. is a crushed stone manufacturer supplying local markets with high quality aggregates for Road Base and Surface Courses, Portland Cement Concrete, IDOT Class A Superstructure and Hot Mix Asphalt. Central Limestone also produces High Quality Agricultural Fertilizer, IDOT / Army Corps of Engineer Rip Rap, IDOT / AREMA Railroad Ballast and fine aggregate for municipal, county and state park trails.

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Katherine Richards Kat@centrallimestone.com


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Quality Control Manager

Ryan McNanna 815-756-0761 Ryan@centrallimestone.com


Operations Manager

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